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Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Statement Tile for Your Kitchen or Bathroom


Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Statement Tile for Your Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation

Choosing tiles can be one of the most stressful parts of planning your Perth kitchen and bathroom renovation.

Maybe it’s the cost, which is usually more than most other finishes. Maybe it’s that there are so many options available. Or, maybe it’s just that tiles are much harder to replace.

Whatever the reason, there’s a lot of pressure put on Perth kitchen and bathroom renovators to pick the perfect tile. We suspect that this is what leads so many to make overly safe choices (like an all neutral colour scheme). But, given the major impact tile can make on a kitchen and bathroom renovation, this is a real missed opportunity.

At Select Residential Solutions, we believe tile is a great way to add depth and interest to a design. As such, we encourage anyone planning a kitchen and bathroom renovation in Perth to be bold and make a statement. To help with this, here’s our advice on how to pick the perfect tile every time.


Choose your colour scheme

First, you need to work out the overall colour scheme you would like to use in your kitchen or bathroom renovation. This could be monochromatic (shades of the same colour), complementary (colours that work well together), or contrasting (opposing colours).

Start by choosing your base colour – generally, this will be a neutral, like a grey or a white. Then, pick the accents you would like to incorporate – this could be your favourite colour or something that’s on trend.

If you need a little inspiration, catalogues are a great place to start. There are plenty of companies doing kitchen and bathroom renovations in Perth and their marketing material is usually packed with great ideas. Creating a mood board with examples of spaces you love can also help.


Decide the type of statement you want to make

When it comes to tile, Perth kitchen and bathroom renovators are spoilt for choice. Thanks to the wide range of products available, it’s not just colour that can make your tiling stand out. For example, you may wish to make a statement using:

  • Texture: Mixing tile materials (ceramic, glass, porcelain, stone, etc.) can add extra detail to a monochromatic colour scheme.
  • Tile pattern: Many designer tiles feature intricate patterns that can add depth to any area.
  • Laying pattern: Changing the direction of your tiling or using a more intricate laying pattern can help create a more designer feel. You can further highlight this by using a contrasting grout colour.


Decide where to feature your statement tile

Statement tiles can be quite expensive – particularly if you choose designer materials (like glass or porcelain) or finishes. As such, creating a focal point with your feature tile can help keep the cost of your Perth kitchen and bathroom renovation down. To do this, you can choose to use your statement tile:

  • On the floor: Patterned tiles are particularly popular for floors.
  • As the splashback: This is a ready-made focal point and the perfect area for a feature tile. The proximity to other fittings (like cabinetry and tapware) also helps highlight the detail of your design.
  • On a feature wall: Similar to the splashback, choosing one wall for your statement tile can help bring focus to it.
  • As part of a specific design feature: Contained spaces, like a shower niche or appliance nook, can be made into a real feature with a statement tile.


Consider the size of your space

Finally, work out the area your Perth kitchen and bathroom renovation covers. This will inform both the type of tile you should choose and how much of it you will need.

Generally speaking, larger tiles are better for smaller spaces because there will be fewer grout lines. This tricks the eye into think the space is bigger.

Larger tiles are also usually easier to lay, which is great if you’re doing the work yourself.


Need help picking the perfect statement tile for your Perth kitchen and bathroom renovation?

Whether you’re after professional advice on your tile choices, or simply don’t know where to start, Select Residential Solutions can help. Our professional design team understand how tough choosing tile can be and are always happy to offer advice. They can also work with you to curate a mood board and are experts in selecting products to suit any style.

We also have a wide range of tiles on display at our Cannington Showroom. From high-quality basics to high-end designer options, we’re sure to have something that suits your budget and brief.

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