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Neutral – with a splash of colour!


European designers have had a reputation for the liberal use of colour in fashion, furniture, automobiles, etc. But this has not always been readily embraced by Australian consumers. While many have admired the bold use of colour for it’s dramatic intent, it’s not the sort of thing they want as a permanent fixture in their home in something as central to their lives as a kitchen. This year, Eurocucina has seen the use of more neutral or muted colours, contrasted with an intense but limited application of colour – which makes it more accessible to most Australians. Today, we’re going to highlight some typical examples seen in the kitchens on display.

The clever use of a vibrant, tomato red colour on the strategically placed wall cabinet, in the otherwise pure white kitchen, draws the eye and sets the design apart.

Again, a neutral backdrop and muted timber tones allow the vibrant green colour to shine through, providing a simple but dramatic contrast.

The dramatic angles in the design of this kitchen are further accentuated by the brilliant use of colour in both yellow and grey. It’s a spectacular combination! This kitchen design is a little bolder with vertical and horizontal use of lemon in the cabinetry, creating a balance against an otherwise monochromatic colour scheme.

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