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Kitchen Renovation Guide for a Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation Guides: How to Make the Most of a Small Space

When it comes to Perth kitchen renovations, many people think the smaller the space, the easier the process will be. However, this is not true as certain features still need to be squeezed in, regardless of the kitchen’s size. As such, when space is limited, designing your Perth kitchen renovation often requires compromise or creative solutions.

Getting the most from your Perth kitchen renovation takes skill and experience. That being said, while each renovation will be different, there are a few key issues to watch out for. There are also a couple of tricks to designing the perfect kitchen in a compact space.


Reasons to renovate your small Perth kitchen  

Many homeowners worry that the expense of a renovation would be wasted on a small kitchen. Others are concerned that there’s little that can be done with the limited space they have to work with. And then there are those that have simply learned to live with their kitchen’s shortcomings.

But no one should have to put up with a dated kitchen design or impractical layout. Regardless of how small your Perth kitchen is, a renovation can make a big difference. Specifically, renovating your Perth kitchen can address issues with the:

  • Layout: The location of key fittings (like the sink and cooktop) impacts usability, particularly in smaller kitchens. A renovation can help optimise this, making it easier and more enjoyable to work in the space.
  • Storage: One of the most common complaints about a small kitchen is that it doesn’t provide enough storage. This is a basic requirement and should be a key consideration for any renovation plan.
  • Finishes: More than just looking dated, old finishes can actually be dangerous. They can crack and wear, which can compromise the ability to safely and cleanly prepare food.


What to consider when planning your Perth small kitchen renovation

When designing your small kitchen renovation in Perth, practicality has to be at the front of mind. It’s important to think about what you need, what you would like, and what you can probably do without. It’s also important to consider the design features you will most appreciate and enjoy.

When renovating your Perth kitchen, it’s also always best to start with the layout. This will determine the other decisions you need to make and help you plan your design. Starting with the floorplan will also help you stay focused on the functionality of the space.

Finally, when space is limited, it’s best to look for multi-functional options. This could be as simple as pull-out work surfaces and hidden storage or as complex as dual-purposed appliances.


Creative solutions for your small kitchen renovation

In many ways, renovating a small Perth kitchen has never been easier. More and more manufacturers are developing appliances, cabinetry, and fittings with compact kitchens in mind. Optimising your space now just requires a little creative thinking – for example:

  • Don’t have the space for an island? Try a peninsula instead! It will provide a lot of the same functionality but takes up a lot less space. Alternatively, consider a portable island that can be rolled out as needed.
  • When floor space is limited, you need to think vertically and maximise your use of wall space. However, one word of caution – too many tall cabinets can enclose the area and make it feel smaller. Instead, vary your cabinet heights and incorporate other storage options, like open shelving and baskets on top of lower cabinetry.
  • Natural light and ventilation are critical, but large windows and doors take up valuable wall space. As an alternative, consider skylights and sun tunnels, particularly if your kitchen is toward the centre of your home. Where artificial light is required, layer it, with focus on specific activity areas (the sink, cooktop, and main preparation area).
  • Your finishes can make a massive difference to how large your kitchen feels. Lighter colour schemes and reflective surfaces will bounce the light around make the area feel more open and airier. Similarly, handless cabinets and larger tiles create fewer visual breaks and trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger.


Consult Perth’s small kitchen renovation specialists

At Select Residential Solutions, we understand the challenges of renovating a small kitchen in Perth. We are experts in creating bespoke spaces and can work with you to develop a design that meets your needs. We also stay across the latest styles and our Cannington Showroom features a great selection of designer fixtures and finishes.

Our service starts with a full measure and quote and we can manage the entire renovation process for you. Contact our friendly team today to arrange your free Perth kitchen renovation consultation.

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