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Resort style renovations

Resort style renovations

The Client:

The Teh family found their dream home in Dalkeith about 5 years ago. But its bathrooms lacked the style and design features that would best support a growing family of 5. Mrs Teh has a genuine love for interior design and knew exactly what she wanted so after being referred to Select Solutions by friends, she worked closely with our team to design 3 functional and stunning bathrooms in their new home. Renovating the home’s bathrooms had become a necessity as all three bathrooms did not have proper water proofing and the carpet and walls on the other side of the shower wall were becoming damper as time went on, and the damage was becoming permanent. Mrs Teh had plans to renovate the whole house, but decided the best course of action was to get bathroom specialists to renovate the bathrooms rather than incorporating it with the rest of the house renovations which were to follow shortly after. Mrs Teh wanted to choose and design styles that were modern and streamlined which would be in keeping with the modern vision the family had for their Dalkeith home. As a starting point, they wanted to update the colour scheme in all the bathrooms to be neutral, modern and timeless. Functionality was also considered, hence the built in mirror vanity cupboards which have been placed at the ideal level for the client’s height.

The Challenge:

The ensuite was a large room that had a sunken bath tub and minimal storage. Our brief was to make better use of the layout of this bathroom, include more storage and create a modern and functional space that would be a show piece for this beautiful home.

Wall tiles – Nano Pix Calacutta 1000 x 300.

Custom made vanity with semi-recessed mirror cabinets for storage and additional lighting.

The other 2 bathrooms were dated and also required additional storage and modernising.

1200 ADP Intrigue wall hung vanity. Custom mirror cabinet for additional storage.

LED mirror – Mela Clock Mirror. Custom made vanity and tall boy for additional storage.

The Solution:

The product selections were very important to Mrs Teh as they would complement the new design layout and give these new bathrooms the upmarket look and feel the clients were after.

Niche created in the shower by installing a false stud wall that also allowed us to disguise an in-wall cistern for the new toilet system installed on the same wall. Custom made 1200 floor channel in the shower. Wall faced toiled pan, Caroma Cube with Gerberit internal system.

Wall tiles – White Gloss 300 x 600. Floor tiles – Discover Origin Lapato 300 x 600. Feature tiles – Metallic White Cube 300 x 600.

By constructing false stud walls we were able to conceal cisterns and build niche’s in the shower recesses achieving additional storage and modern, streamlined features to the renovated bathrooms. Custom designed and built vanities, tall boys and floor channels gave these bathrooms a personalised look that supported all the clients requests and the results are breathtaking.

Wall tiles – Discover White Lapato. Floor tiles – Concept Grige 300 x 600. Feature tiles – Deep Stone Light Grey thin strip interlock.

We maintained the original layout in this bathroom but created a false wall to disguise the cistern of the cube wall facing toilet system.

The theme of floating cupboards is continued through two of the three bathrooms.

In Conclusion:

The end result is three beautiful bathrooms that fit in perfectly with Mrs Teh’s modern yet functional aesthetic. The client desired to create bathrooms that the whole family would truly enjoy using for many years to come, and we believe we have achieved exactly that.

Underfloor heating makes stepping out of the bath tub so much more luxurious when stepping onto warm tiles and grabbing a warm towel off the heated towel ladder.

20mm Caesarstone vanity bench top in Pure White. Heated towel ladder. Frameless shower screen panel.

Victoria & Albert free standing bath tub.

Feature tiles – Kit Kat Coffee stone honed mosaics. Vanity top in Caesar Stone Frosty Carina.

Custom made tall boy. Floor tiles – Belgique Dark Series 1200 x 1200.

A niche was created in the shower into the double brick.

Customer Testimonial:

We were greeted by friendly and responsive staff members who allowed us to peruse the large showroom at our leisure and ask as many questions as we liked from tiles to tapwear. Their showroom had several vanity/bathroom displays which were useful in helping us to visualise the different colour schemes with tiles and different basins and vanities. We ended up choosing one of the feature walls and bathroom vanities on display for our house. We liked the fact that we could also design our own cabinetry using their cabinet maker for a more individual and exclusive result. Whilst they had a fairly large range of tiles and tap wear, they also allowed us to source hardware and other feature tiles that they did not necessarily carry to incorporate into our bathroom design. They were very accommodating and their patience with our process of decision making was notable.

– Phoebe Teh

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