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Bathroom Renovation Guide for the Perfect Ensuite Renovation

Ensuite Renovation

Bathroom Renovation Guides: 5 Tips for the Perfect Ensuite Renovation

In recent years, ensuites have gone from a practical convenience to the ultimate indulgence. Now seen as a must for any master suite, they are as much a style statement as a functional feature. They are also the top target for Perth bathroom renovators, as many homeowners look to add a little extra luxury.

However, planning the perfect Perth bathroom renovation can be challenging. This is particularly true for ensuites, which are usually smaller and need to compliment the broader bedroom design. Getting the most from this space requires careful planning and more than a little creative thinking.

As one of the leading bathroom renovators in Perth, we understand the difficulties of designing a great ensuite. We’ve also learnt a few tricks over the years and are happy to share the benefits of our experience. Here are our top tips for anyone planning an ensuite bathroom renovation in Perth.


Carefully consider your inclusions

First and foremost, an ensuite is a functional space. It is a place to get ready in the morning and should provide easy access to the facilities you need. While the standard inclusions are a shower, toilet, and basin; this shouldn’t limit your design.

When planning your Perth bathroom renovation, consider how you will use the space. What facilities do you require? And what are the little design features that you would most appreciate?

If space allows, consider doubling some of the main inclusions. Dual shower heads and dual sinks are becoming increasingly popular with Perth bathroom renovators. In addition to being very practical, they can make the space feel more generous and luxurious.

Also, don’t forget about storage. Having places to put all your products and toiletries is usually more important in an ensuite than a main bathroom. Try including shower niches, vanities with drawers and cupboards, and face level storage in your Perth bathroom renovation plans.


Maximise the perception of space

As ensuites are usually smaller spaces, it’s important to make them appear as big as possible. There are a few ways to do this when renovating your Perth bathroom.

First, try wall mounting your toilet and vanity. Keeping these fixtures off the floor will create the perception of extra space. It will also allow extra room for storage (e.g. baskets under a floating vanity).

When planning your Perth bathroom renovation, the layout is critical as it dictates the flow of the area. Ensuites are usually longer, thinner rooms and working with this will make the space more functional. Try positioning the shower at the end of the room and the shower, toilet, and vanity along the one wall.

Also, choose your tiles carefully as they can have a major impact on the perception of space. If your ensuite is small, choosing larger tiles will mean there are less joins and the room will feel bigger. Similarly, if your space is long and narrow, choosing a matching tile will make it seem both longer and wider.


Bring in natural light

There’s nothing more luxurious than natural light. Whether it’s a window or a skylight, bringing natural light in will brighten the space and make it feel airier. This should be a main feature of your Perth bathroom renovation plans.

In addition to natural light, you should also aim to include natural ventilation in your bathroom spaces. This can be as simple as an opening window. Though, if this is not possible, an extraction fan will suffice.


Focus on the accents

Keeping the main elements of your ensuite design neutral will make it feel more classic and timeless. It will also mean you can bring in personality and visual interest through simple styling choices. From statement tiles and designer tapware, to your choice of towels, there are plenty of ways to add colour and texture.

Adopting this approach will also allow you to focus your Perth bathroom renovation budget on the key design features. This is particularly important as, when it comes to your major fittings (showerheads, taps, etc.) you usually get what you pay for. Spending a little more on these touches will make the space feel a lot more luxurious.


Consult the professionals

As the process can be complex, it pays to seek expert advice when planning your ensuite bathroom renovation in Perth. Experienced Perth bathroom renovators will understand the common challenges and work with you to develop your design. They should also know how to create a space that is as practical as it is beautiful.

Select Residential Solutions are one of the leading bathroom renovators in Perth. We specialise in getting the most out of a small space and will work with you to develop a design that suits your lifestyle and budget. We’re also up on the latest design trends and will help you come up with a design that will look great, now and into the future.

As a full service bathroom renovation company, we manage the whole process for you. From our initial site inspection, to cleaning up and handing over the completed space, we take the stress out of renovating. Contact us today to discuss your Perth bathroom renovation and to arrange a free quote.

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