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Trend Alert! Here’s everything you need to know before choosing black tapware for your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

When it comes to the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom design, few are bigger than black tapware. In fact, black tapware has become so sought after, it’s rivalling perennial favourites such as classic chrome and stainless steel for popularity.

But what’s making black tapware the must have feature in kitchen and bathroom renovations in Perth? And, should you be getting on board with this trend?

Why is black tapware so popular in kitchens and bathrooms?

In short, black tapware is popular because it looks good. It is sleek and stylish and adds some visual interest to a room and it is so NOW! It also has a timeless quality, which can feel both classic and contemporary, complimenting the style of your room.

Some consider black the ultimate neutral as it pairs well with almost every colour scheme. It works particularly well with neutral tones, providing all important contrast. Since neutrals are by far and away the most popular palette for kitchens and bathrooms, the choice of black tapware makes a lot of sense.

It is worth noting that while an increasing number of bathroom and kitchen renovations featured on Pinterest, Instagram feeds and Reality Shows on TV showcase black tapware. Many of our Perth clients are still weary about selecting black for their own homes, with chrome and stainless steel still being the most common choices. But are the concerns about ‘living’ with black tapware and accessories warranted?

How to look after black tapware

One of the main things most people are concerned about is whether black tapware is durable enough for daily use.

We are happy to report that black tapware tends not to show fingerprints or water marks as much as chrome. This is because, these days, most black tapware is electroplated, which helps it resist marks and scratching. Electroplated tapware and accessories are a more expensive choice but will outlast a powder coated variety and will often hold a longer warranty period

While some black tapware is fairly scratch resistant, it needs to be installed carefully. Many of the tools used to install taps can leave marks and dents. To avoid this, make sure a cloth is wrapped around the tap before anything is clamped onto it.

As black taps are prone to fading over time, it is highly likely they will change from a rich black colour to a more washed out grey. While this is unpreventable, wiping the taps down after each use can slow the process.

It’s also important to note that most general bathroom cleaners should not be used on black taps. Most of these products contain chemicals or waxes that can damage the finish. Instead, you’ll need to regularly wash them down with warm soapy water and dry them well.

How to work black tapware into your design

If you’re going to use black tapware in your kitchen or bathroom, you want to make sure you do it right. It’s not just a matter of keeping the design the same and swapping out the chrome. Black tapware should be a feature and compliment or contrast other design choices.

Black tapware is still fairly unique and unexpected. This means it has a more designer feel and tends to catch one’s eye.

One of the most important things when using black in interior design is to do so sparingly. It is a bold colour choice and too much will make the space seem smaller and darker. However, you want to use enough of it to stand up as a true accent colour.

Lastly, thanks to its newfound popularity, prices for black tapware have come down a lot over the last few years. Black is now one of the standard options for most big tapware brands. This has made it much more accessible to kitchen and bathroom renovators across Perth.
If you are worried about getting this balance right, we recommend seeking out some professional advice. At Select Residential Solutions, we have an experienced interior designer who helps our clients get the exact look they’re after. We also have a wide range of designer tapware choices on display at our state of the art Cannington Showroom.

As a leading Perth kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation specialist, we can also manage the whole renovation process for you – from conception to completion. A true one stop shop, we will work with you to create a space that is as functional as it is stylish. For more information on the Select Residential Solutions service, or to organise a free design & quote, call us on (08) 9451 2866.

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